Hello everyone, and welcome to my website. My name is Andrew Gordon and I hail from Basildon in Essex!

Having spent approaching a decade as an elected member of Basildon Borough Council as well as working with and in the mental health system on a variety of projects, I have developed a passion for improving the quality of peoples lives primarly though improving societies mental health and wellbeing.

My work often focuses on recovery and hope based interventions, I also am a strong advocate for the empowerment of patient leaders. As a councillor, I was one of the first to take up Local Authorities Mental Health Challenge as a mental health champion and am proud to open about my lived experience of mental illness.

In my spare time I am an online gamer, baker and casual photographer, I also build my own computers – as a huge techie I also feel technology is opening up new frontiers for society and both the NHS and Local Government need to embrace this. I also am a keen volunteer spending some of my weekend on the local SOS bus.

If you want to read a bit more about me you can find out even more here.


Moving on after loss

My birthday is on September the 24th, just before Alice’s which is October 5th. Alice and I were boyfriend and girlfriend and in 2015 for our 23rd birthday’s, we were planning to do a double Read more…