Open Letter to LBC

Dear LBC

I am writing to you to outline my concerns at a recent tweet that was published by your twitter page. In the tweet you posted a big photo of “The Yorkshire Ripper” with the caption “The Yorkshire Ripper has been moved from hospital to prison. What’s it like to live with a serious mental illness?”. As a media outlet you have immense power to influence and challenge public perceptions and stereotypes, your tagline is “Leading Britain’s Conversation”. I have to ask what does it say about the leadership you are providing when you are prepared to publish something so stigmatising?


Anti Psychotics Saved My Life?

In this blog post I outline my experiences of mental health and taking anti psychotics which is medication used to treat certain presentations of mental illness.

When I was fifteen I began to develop psychotic symptoms. This included a number of things such as experiencing auditory hallucinations, delusions and paranoia. I also believed I was possessed by the devil.


Mental Health Awareness Interview

I spoke to James Whale on BBC Essex about my experience of mental health as a young person to raise awareness of mental health conditions. I always feel it is very important to share my story because I hope that by sharing it, it may make it easier for others. There was no point in going through all that pain, if i cannot use it for a positive.