Anti Psychotics Saved My Life?

In this blog post I outline my experiences of mental health and taking anti psychotics which is medication used to treat certain presentations of mental illness. When I was fifteen I began to develop psychotic symptoms. This included a number of things such as experiencing auditory hallucinations, delusions and paranoia. I also believed I was possessed by the devil. (more…)

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South Essex Mental Health Summit #mhse14

On Friday September 5th myself, Basildon's parliamentary candidate Mike-Le-Surf and Kevan Jones MP hosted a mental health summit to discuss the challenges faced in our locality. Both the yellow advertiser and Your Thurrock covered the event that was held at The Edge club in Basildon. It was amazing to see such a variety of people attended and inspiring to hear their comments. The group condensed their comments into five key areas to look at and explore in more detail: (more…)

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