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The truth about mental health funding

After the recent announcements from the conservatives on mental health  I think its essential we explore the reality of mental health funding. It is important to think about, because since 2010 I have heard politician after politician promise there will be a revolution in mental health services, promise things will change for the better and promise to end discrimination, yet the reality for many mental health patients is that mental health services today is that things are going backwards.


Basildon Brexit – A reflection

In case you missed it, 51% of Britons voted for a “Brexit” night and in Basildon 68% of its population voted to leave. The immediate consequences of that have been quite drastic, the pound in freefall, billions wiped off our stock, a prime minister resigned and once again our friends in Scotland want themselves to leave our union. As I said Basildon, my hometown voted in favour of leaving the EU, whilst this was never a surprise I think the reasoning behind it is very important to reflect on.